9 Sustainable and Ecological Jeans and Denim brands. There are alternatives


9 Sustainable and Ecological Jeans and Denim brands. There are alternatives

It has been known for a long time that, although the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, its denim subdivision is

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It has been known for a long time that, although the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, its denim subdivision is even more so. The amount of natural resources invested in the manufacture of these garments, especially the use of water, poses challenges at the level of environmental sustainability; and raise the doubts about whether it is possible to continue wearing practical and durable jeans with the minimum possible impact on Planet Earth.

That is why, in this article, we bring you a wide variety of projects specialized in the sustainable manufacture of jeans and denim fashion, so that you have real buying alternatives with less environmental impact.

International Sustainable Jeans Brands

Mud Jeans

This is one of the projects we like the most. Born by and for the circular and sustainable industry, Mud Jeans are the safe purchase in terms of environmental sustainability. Their B-Corp seal certifies this, and they are one of the most successful projects in Europe. As a curiosity, taking into account that the price is higher, you can «rent» them by paying a part each month, and at the end of the year you can choose to change them and continue paying the same fee.

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DL 1961

Although not an easy brand to pronounce, these New York-based manufacturers have drawn international attention to ethical denim through their collections with well-known partners. The brand uses innovative eco-friendly fibers in its production lines, and has reduced water, dye and energy use by 50%. DL1961 has an undeniable place in designer denim fashion and its trousers are bringing ethical innovation into the spotlight.

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A classic in all sustainable fashion items. Even if they only make one model of sustainable jeans, we include them because of the great work they have been doing for many years with respect to the environment and sustainable production.

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Hailing from the UK, this denim fashion company bases its principles on caring for the environment and raising awareness of the abolition of child labour, under its motto «No blood, no sweat, no tears».

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Nudie Jeans

They don’t advertise their organic and fair trade practices to the four winds, but without making much noise they have become leaders in ethical fashion. Their jeans are both modern and ethical, focusing 100% on quality over quantity, making durable jeans that mean less waste and more value in the long run.

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Sustainable Jeans Made in Spain

We would like to continue with the projects that, in addition to striving for sustainability, are carried out in Spain, thus achieving other social benefits, such as the creation of jobs at the local level. Because we are based in this country, we want to keep sponsoring its great projects.

Xiro Jeans

Located in Galicia, they are the jewel in the crown of sustainable denim fashion made in Spain. All parts of their product (yes, including buttons, zips and pocket linings) are made from organic cotton and materials such as zinc alloy, which minimises emissions and requires much less energy than comparable manufacturing processes. In addition, all jeans are produced 100% in Galicia. They have a section on the website where they explain their entire process.

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Capitán Denim

Located in Albacete, this is the most cost-effective option we have found. Manufactured and designed 100% in Spain, Capitan Denim (formerly known as MRC Jeans) has been making Texan clothing for over 40 years and providing work for families in its region, while working to reduce the impact of its manufacture to the minimum possible, while caring for the environment.

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Also from Albacete and with 30 years of experience, they are another of the most interesting quality-price options for wearing Texan clothing with less environmental impact and made in Spain. The use of non-toxic dyes and the incorporation of organic fabrics in their production process are especially noteworthy, as well as minimizing waste and recycling leftovers.

Go to Cowest website

If you still feel like more, you can see these and other international organic enim and jeans fashion brands in the next post of The Good Trade

And one more little thing…

We associate jeans with cotton, but there is a lesser-known alternative as a manufacturing material: hemp. The French company Naturellement Chanvre manufactures its jeans with this material that may surprise us, but whose applications are very interesting.


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