Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Swimwear and Bikini brands


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Swimwear and Bikini brands

Okay, this is going to be a very different summer and we don't know exactly when we are going to go to the beach, or in what conditions, but what is f

Sustainable and Ecological Sportswear Brands that are Good for the Planet
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Okay, this is going to be a very different summer and we don’t know exactly when we are going to go to the beach, or in what conditions, but what is for sure is that wherever we go we are going to need a swimsuit to put on (except for those who practice nudism).

That’s why today we want to bring you a list of brands of swimsuits and bikinis made in a sustainable way, so that we can take care of the environment also when we go to the beach.

Samudra Swimwear

Founded in 2020, Samudra Swimwear is a woman-led premium sustainable brand based in Spain, created to break the rules of eco-friendly swimwear.

They want to offer clothes with a young and fun style, avoiding muted colors and simple designs that are often associated with sustainable fashion. They want to break that standard, and with that idea in mind, Samudra Swimwear was born.

Their purpose is to make sustainable fashion fun, colorful and empowering, while still offering the fairest prices on the market.

Visit Samudra Swimwear website

Sloppy Tunas

One of the sustainable brands of the Costa Brava par excellence, Sloppy tunas swimwear is created from plastic recovered and recycled from the sea bed. In addition, its main work is to carry out waste collection campaigns on beaches, and to raise awareness in talks and conferences.

Visit Sloppy Tunas website

Mara Hoffman

A brand that stands out for its work in the choice of materials and production processes when manufacturing its swimwear. All are made from recycled polyester and nylon, manufactured in the United States and produced under fair trade conditions.

Visit Mara Hoffman’s website

Vitamina Swim

Sustainability should be sexy. This is the principle of the sustainable swimwear brand for women Vitamin Swim, who have developed the Eco_Lux fabric, the first premium swimwear fabric made from recycled nylon fibres. In addition, 95% of the production is made in the country of origin (USA), and the rest of the production with fair trade projects.

Visit Vitamina Swim’s website

Now Then

La oda del océano. Esta marca española de bañadores para mujer apuesta por los tejidos sostenibles premium como el ECONYL o su neopreno, fabricado a partir de mineral calcáreo, mucho más respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Sin duda, una gran elección para esta temporada.

Visit Now Then website


One of the most interesting projects in the city of Barcelona. Allsisters has been a reference point for years in the manufacture of eco-friendly swimwear and bikinis. It is a brand exclusively for women, and they use top quality recycled materials for all their products.

Visit Allsisters website


In general, we see that there are more brands of swimwear and bikinis dedicated to women, as is the case with Cabuya. Their swimsuits are made of 78% Econyl® (a material 100% recycled from plastic waste), and the rest with Lycra® Xtra Life™. For their production, they work with small workshops located in the north of Portugal and Cáceres (Spain). Their packaging is very curious and unique, as it is made of jute.

Visit Cabuya’s website


We cannot talk about sustainable garments without mentioning the great work of the sustainable American brand par excellence Patagonia. Ethically produced, with recycled fabrics and always committed to social awareness, they could not be missing from our list

Visit Patagonia’s website

I love be love

Coming from Almeria (Spain), this eco-friendly brand is defined by Mediterranean slow fashion. Its production is entirely made in southern Spain, and all its garments are timeless and made from recycled fabrics.

Visit I love be love website


I would like to share the slogan of this men’s swimwear project: «Inspired by the sea, Malmok designs and produces high quality eco-friendly garments that embody a unique lifestyle of passion, poetry and relaxed elegance through a range of modern men’s clothing. The first generation of high quality eco-friendly swimwear«. They use 100% recycled polyester from sea bottles, and organic cotton.

Visit Malmok’s website

Reset Priority

Sustainable swimwear and underwear are the main products of this Barcelona brand, that bets on some of the fabrics we have already seen in this post with other brands: ECONYL® regenerated nylon; and they also work with factories that have been certified by OEKO-TEX on responsible workplaces free of substances harmful to human health.

Visit Reset Priority’s website

My Marini

From Germany (but more specifically from Hamburg) emerges this brand that produces swimwear for women with recycled fabrics from the sea. In this case, they also focus on clothes made in Croatia.

Visit My Marini’s website

Sweet Mellow

Designed and manufactured entirely between France, Italy and Portugal, this brand of ecological swimwear for women is a must in this summer season. For its production they use 100% OEKO-TEX Italian fabrics, and we mention their work with small Portuguese workshops for the production.

Visit Sweet Mellow’s website

Other sustainable brands that we are researching:

  • Volett
  • Luz Collections
  • María Malo
  • Bella Lola
  • Two Thirds
  • Vitamin A
  • Manakai
  • Riz Boardshorts
  • Ecoalf
  • Pale
  • Mi&Co
  • Ferrandiz
  • Lia
  • Valnüd
  • Suroswimwear
  • Baelle


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